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Cincinnati Moving Company- Essentials for First Night Box

The first night and few weeks in your new home may be overwhelming. You may also feel chaotic. However, it is an exciting and busy day as well. Moreover, you can finally start to relax after all your planning and decisions for the move. Soon, you will enjoy your new house. Cincinnati Moving Company suggests some packing necessities for your first night in your new home. You will need first-night essentials before arrival. Therefore, the first-night moving kit may be the single most vital box in your move. 

The primary purpose of the first night box is to have whatever you need; you can quickly get it. Further, it also helps alleviate some stress from digging several boxes to find your toothbrush. We have outlined some suggestions to help in your first night moving boxes.  

There are many things your family cannot live without them. Ensure that you have everything in your new home that you need for your first night. The first-night moving box should travel with you. Moreover, it is the most noteworthy thing to know. It becomes more critical if you and your family arrive at a new home before movers. Apart from it, you can also ensure that this moving box is the last thing loaded on the moving truck.

What is A First Night Box?

The things you will want to access quickly on the first night at your new home should be part of the first night box. It’s not necessary first night kit needs to be a box. You can choose a storage truck or even a suitcase for it. Take charge of your first night or a few weeks. Furthermore, you cannot find everything you need rapidly in all boxes. Don’t let your boxes bother you. Instead, create enjoyable memories in your new space. 

Items for First Night Box with Cincinnati Moving Company

The first unpack thing on move day is your first night box. Mark the box clearly with red tape to differentiate it from the other cartons. Ensure that it is the last box loaded on the truck on moving day. Hence, it becomes the first unloaded box at your new home. Following are some suggestions for the items of your first night box: 

Bathroom and Bedroom Items 

The first night box should contain the following items of bedroom and bathroom:

  • Night clothes for the whole family as well as bedding for you and your kids
  • Work clothes for the next day at your new home
  • Bath towels, toilet papers, and shower liner. 

Personal Hygiene

For your hygiene: soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste are essential items you need for your first night box. 


Flashlight, chargers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices are essential electronics items for your first night box. 

Tools & Supplies

Scissors, screwdriver, pliers, pen, paper, hammer, and nails are crucial tools and supplies. 

Food Supplies

Food items are vital for your first night. Following are a list of things:

  • Plastic cups and utensils
  • Paper plates and napkins
  • Snacks and pet food
  • Coffee and mugs 

Cleaning Supplies

Paper towels, trash bags, rubber gloves, cleaning sprays, and liquids are necessary cleaning supplies. 

Things to Have with You on Move Day

Carry a first aid kit and medications with you need them right away. It is to protect them from damage in the truck. Moreover, you should carry essential documents with you. It includes birth certificates, marriage licenses, home sale documents, and social security cards. 

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